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Infants and Children


Children are our precious gifts. As parents we want the best for them and that includes a having the best potential to grow and develop into a mature young adult.  From utero through their teenage years their bodies go through rapid changes. Chiropractic allows the body to go through each transformation the way it was designed to do. The problem arises when there is interference between the brain and the body, which prevents the body from functioning optimally. These interferences are called subluxations, which decreases the communication throughout the whole body. 


Subluxations can begin as early as utereo. Normally the fetus’ head is pointed towards the birth canal. If the head is at the top of the uterus then it is called breeched. This places a lot of pressure and strain on the spinal cord and neck as the baby grows. This positioning also interferes with the birth process and often requires vacuums, suctions or even a c-section.  These technics are stressful on the baby and can cause a traumatic birth and subluxations.  


Now the baby grows into the toddler stage, where they are learning to crawl and walk. They are learning about their world and exploring everything around them.  This often leads to many falls, bumps and bruises along the way causing further subluxations.  They say a toddler falls about 80-100 times a day.  Think about you falling 80 times a day and how your body would feel?  During this stage the nervous system is developing in coordination and balance.  Chiropractic keeps the body aligned and subluxation free. 


We move into the teenage years, where hormones are alive and well.  Their bodies are growing so fast it causes growing pains.  One minute they are laughing with friends and the next they are crying. Chiropractic helps balance the hormones and allows the body to adapt quickly to these changes, in order for their bodies to continue to grow healthy and aligned.

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