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Family Care


The central nervous system is the master control center for every action in a person’s body.  The brain communicates with the body through the nervous system. Everything functions well when the communication is at 100%.  Problems arise when a person experiences a physical trauma, is stressed out or has a poor diet. The body can’t adapt to these stresses and leads to dysfunction. This causes interference to the communication process between the brain and the body, which is a subluxation. Chiropractors are trained to locate a subluxation and then eliminate them with an adjustment.  This restores the communication within the body and allows the body to function at 100% again.  


Dr. Aldrich believes that the family is the foundation for life. She wants the whole family to be healthy and functioning optimally. If a parent is in pain then it is constantly reminding the person that there is a problem.  The parent can’t play with their children because of the pain. It begins to interfere with their relationships and family dynamics and takes life away from the family. Her desire is to have the whole family under chiropractic care.  Chiropractic can restore the health back to each member of the family.  


A few health benefits being under chiropractic care are: decreased pain, strengthened immune system, improved sleep, improved digestion and improved ability to adapt to stress. Dr. Aldrich believes when you begin to feel better then you become happier in the process; ultimately strengthening the quality of relationships.    


Dr. Aldrich works out of her home.  It is a comfortable and peaceful environment. Parents are able to bring their children and do not have to worry about being in a sterile doctor’s office.  Children can play while the parents get adjusted.  Then the children are relaxed and at peace when it is their turn for an adjustments. It’s a win/win for everyone!  

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