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Our human bodies are incredible machines.  The fact that we can grow a human being in our body is a miracle in itself!  Thinks about all the chemical reactions, hormones and cell divisions that need to take place to create a fetus.  We want all the energy and life force to focus on the uterus and development of the baby.  Would you be happy if your body was only functioning at 75% while creating a baby? No! You want it to be functioning at 100%. You want all clear signals coming from the brain telling the uterus what to do and how the cells should divide. Chiropractic gets rid of the interference and allows the body to function at 100%.  


As the baby grows so does the woman’s body.  The center of gravity changes, which puts extra stress on different parts of the body. This can cause aches and pains as the body adapts.  Chiropractic aligns the pelvis and spine, which ensures that the developing baby has plenty of room to grow within the womb.  Also by maintaining proper alignment throughout pregnancy this improves the mom’s ability to have a safer, quicker and easier delivery.  Ultimately, the effects of chiropractic care during pregnancy extend way beyond treating just pain.

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